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Can I apply for unemployment insurance benefits in New York?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2024 | Labor Law |

Losing your job can have serious repercussions, especially now that the prices of products and services are at an all-time high. You start to wonder how to make ends meet now that you lost your primary source of income.

Fortunately, those facing job loss in New York may get the help they need through unemployment insurance. Under this program, those who lost their jobs may stay afloat while looking for their next opportunity.

Who can apply for benefits?

Only those who lost their jobs through no fault are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in the state. If you lost your job due to circumstances outside your control, you may apply for support through the Department of Labor.

To qualify for the program, you should also actively look for job opportunities. If you are willing and able to work immediately, you are eligible for benefits.

Those applying for benefits must have a written record of their work search activities. The labor department allows applicants to use digital work search tools to keep track of their job-hunting endeavors. The agency also requires applicants to attend appointments at local career centers.

Getting the support you need while unemployed

Now that you have learned about the key factors affecting your eligibility for unemployment benefits, you are better equipped to take action. However, remember that every situation is unique, and the application process can be complex.

If you are still unsure about your eligibility or need help claiming financial benefits, you may consult an experienced labor law attorney. With their help, you will have someone who can provide legal guidance and ensure you understand your rights throughout the process.