Diligent And Approachable Representation

Experienced Representation of Workers and Employers

New York’s state and local labor and employment laws are among the most robust in the nation. In addition, there are a variety Federal statutes and regulations protecting workers’ civil rights, and the right of many types of employees to receive fair wages and overtime compensation.

Still, many workers as well as small business owners find themselves confused and intimidated by the complex legal environment in which they operate. When claims or disputes arise, justice can seem elusive.

I Can Help You Protect Your Interests

Whether you are an hourly worker, a manager or supervisor, a licensed professional, or a small business owner, I, Attorney Sam Drukman, can protect your interests and advance your claims. For over a decade I have advised and represented a variety of plaintiffs and defendants in Labor and Employment Law litigation in State and Federal Courts throughout the NYC Metro Area.

I have held employers accountable for unpaid overtime wages, helped companies promulgate comprehensive employment policies that promote transparency and minimize conflict, advanced the causes of workers with disabilities, and negotiated many settlements of labor disputes. Workers and management do not have to be in perpetual opposition. I have a reputation for passionately advocating for my clients, but also for bringing people together at the negotiating table to work out their differences.

I Handle A Wide Range Of Employment-Related Disputes

Over the years, I have taken up – and won – cases which many of my colleagues had given up as too difficult or downright “unwinnable.” While each case is unique, my commitment to clients is to be methodical and diligent in analyzing their case from many different angles, to do my best to “think outside the box” and find new legal arguments or creative settlement solutions.

I have a proven track record of successfully prosecuting and defending a wide range of lawsuits and claims in the field of Labor and Employment Law, including:

  • Discrimination (including discrimination on the basis of disability);
  • Harassment;
  • Retaliation;
  • Wage and hour violations, including failure to pay overtime; and
  • Misclassification

Before I opened my practice, I worked as a senior litigator at an established Nassau County law firm. I represented both employees and employers in complex high-stakes litigation and settlement negotiations. I also defended my clients’ interests before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New York State Division of Human Rights.

Drawing on this extensive experience, I can identify the most effective course of action to pursue. I invite you to consult with me about your legal concerns. During our meeting, I will listen to your story and give you my honest opinion about your available options and assessment of possible outcomes.

Contact Attorney Samuel L. Drukman, Esq., To discuss your situation and schedule a consultation appointment.

You can reach me via my online contact form or by calling 646-859-6286. From my Brooklyn office, I represent employees throughout New York City.