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The number of unions in New York is shrinking

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Employment Law |

For a very long time, many workers in many industries were protected by unions. Workers had to pay union dues but many would say what they received in return was well worth every penny. However, since 1983, the number of unions connected to businesses has started to diminish dramatically, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If a worker is no longer protected by a union, life may be more difficult.

Across the United States, large numbers of workers are union members but the presence of unions varies from state to state. According to BLS, more than one in five workers in New York State are members of a union. Of all of the states, New York has the largest number of union members, with 24.7 percent, as of 2015.

The advantages of being a union member

There are many advantages to being a member of a union. The first reason is salary. On average, the median salary per week for union members is higher than the salary of nonunion workers.

Not only do union members have the power of the union behind them, a power that can fight for them and negotiate for all sorts of important work-related things, but the salary difference between union members and nonunion workers is tied into demographic features such as age, job, industry, business size, and/or location.

Solid legal support

If your civil rights on the job have been violated (union members and nonunion workers), they may need someone to protect those rights. A knowledgeable Staten Island attorney can offer valuable advice, which can protect those interests. New York State has many rules and regulations and solid legal advice can help you to navigate through those rules and acquire a deeper understanding of the process and about what to do to achieve the most positive results possible.