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Man says boss discriminated, harassed and retaliated against him

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Employment Law |

In New York, employment law violations and allegations about them continue to be a problem, especially in the service industry. Often, there is fear that if a worker speaks up when being harassed, discriminated against or mistreated in other ways, it will not help the situation and could even make it worse. On the other side of the coin, employers may be accused of committing acts that were either misinterpreted, were blown out of proportion or did not happen at all. Whether it is an accuser or the accused, having comprehensive professional help can be essential to reach a solution.

Employment violations alleged against ice cream store

A former general manager at a New York ice cream store claims that his boss committed various employment law violations and then fired him. The man states he had worked there for around a year. He says his boss touched him in an unwanted way while they were having a discussion. This occurred in October 2020. It happened again two months later and another employee was also subjected to this behavior.

The employee complained about these incidents and how the location was responding to the health crisis protocols. The CEO was accused of demanding a reopening even after there were positive tests for COVID. Eventually, the CEO agreed to close for the required time-period. After the man’s complaints came to light, he was dismissed within a week. The reason given was “cultural.” For its part, the company says it is dedicated to adhering to the law regarding safety and employee relations and plans to refute the GM’s claims regarding how he was treated.

Complex employment law claims may require experienced help

While many employment law claims seem clear-cut, there will likely be a disparity in how it is viewed. An investigation can reveal the details of what happened and either boost the claim or the defense. Regardless of the perspective in the situation, it is imperative for both sides – employer and employee – to be cognizant of their rights and have competent assistance. In this case, each side is giving a side of the story. For people from the employee side or the employer side, having guidance that understands the potential nuance and dealing with the case can be a fundamental part of a successful claim. A consultation can provide information on how to move forward.