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Having a business and commercial law attorney on call is an asset

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Owning and running a business has never been harder and more complicated. It seems like every day there is a new issue that pops up. Whether it is a new liability or funding concern, business owners likely wish they could pick up a help line to ask questions and get help during these trying and unprecedented times. Well, Attorney Sam Drukman is that help line, and he is here to help.

Business protection

Owners of successful business know that the key to success is growing and protecting one’s business, which requires meticulous planning and execution. Attorney Sam Drukman understands this juggling act, and he knows how to help businesses avoid the many legal headaches that can pop up during that meticulous planning an execution process. And, while many may think about legal issues in pure dollars and cents, Attorney Sam Drukman, understands that negative legal implications can also affect professional relationships. This is why consulting with a trusted attorney, like Attorney Sam Drukman, is so important.


Attorney Sam Drukman can help with negotiating contracts and drafting the finalized agreement. This can be contracts with all one’s professional relationships, like those with partners, contractors, supplies, employees and even customers. These contracts will contain favorable terms that are easily understood and can be swiftly and efficiently enforced. And, should a dispute ultimately occur, Attorney Sam Drukman defends his clients in court.

Beginning the journey

With years of experience, Attorney Sam Drukman has advised clients on medical needs and practices, construction companies, corner grocery stores, food service businesses, security services and many others. However, even knew or immerging businesses can be aided by Attorney Sam Drukman. He has represented and helped business owners throughout the five boroughs and throughout Staten Island, New York. This includes helping entrepreneurs start and develop their new enterprises, including advising on legally creating business enterprise, as well as picking the appropriate legal form.

Other services

Attorney Sam Drukman draws on this vast experience when he creates and negotiates legal documents. These services include, supplier, contractor, vendor and distributor agreements, along with partnership and shareholder agreements. He also does agreements relating to employees, including professionals, like doctors, high-tech consultants, etc. Call today for all business and commercial law needs.